We want a different design. Is that possible?

Yes! Our custom design services can work with you to get just the right design for you. Send us an email at info@comfortcontrolclock.com or give us a call at 216-379-2591.

What is your turnaround time?

Each order is custom printed and assembled. We do our best to get them to you as quickly as possible. As you may have experienced yourself, we do run into supply chain problems that occasionally cause delays. You can expect to have your order within 3- 4 weeks. 

How much is general shipping?  How long does shipping take?

Shipping depends on weight and distance. We generally ship UPS ground which takes 2-4 days from our plant in Cleveland, OH.

Where are these printed?

Our clocks are proudly made in Cleveland, OH.

Can we pay by invoice?

Yes! We are happy to work with whatever your organization's specific needs are regarding both ordering and payment. For specific accounting questions or to set up an account, please email: accounting@comfortcontrolclock.com.

How do we reorder?

Once you've ordered and have set up an account in the checkout process, it's easy to reorder. Log in to your account. Go to 'my account' and then 'order history.' Set a 'start date' that will include your last order and click 'apply filters.' Find your order and click 'reorder' and proceed through the checkout process.

Why not just use a phone app?

Phone apps are great. We feel this low tech approach is easier to use and our customers tell us that it is much easier to explain to patients and report better compliance with the regimen using the Comfort Control Clock.

How does it work?

Four clock hands are fixed relative to each other and rotate as a unit, so they always point 3 hours apart. Alternating color and labeling indicates which medicines should be used at which times. The hands can be set when medication begins and rotated as needed if doses are taken late or missed.

Are they water-proof?

The Comfort Control Clocks are printed on durable coated cover stock so are water-resistant - on the face and the back, but not on the sides. So, if it's set on a bathroom or kitchen counter by the sink and ends up standing in some water that has sloshed onto the counter, the sides will soak it up. But if the face or back are splashed with water, it can get wiped off no problem. If it is going to be kept in a kitchen or bathroom, we suggest taping it to the bathroom mirror or kitchen cupboard or using a magnet on the fridge - this way it is protected from water and also is at eye level for better reminding. It's not designed for long term use - but for the time period of most medication protocols. 

What type of adhesive do you recommend if our patients want to put this on their fridge or medicine cabinet?

The Comfort Control Clock is light enough for a kitchen magnet or cello tape 

What type of markers do you recommend for writing on the Comfort Control Clock?

A felt tip permanent pen/marker or a ball point pen will work just fine to write on the Comfort Control Clock. It does have a coating to protect the paper and some pens, especially gel pens, might smear before they have a chance to dry.

Can I use the write-in version multiple times by erasing and writing in new medications?

The clock is designed for one-time use and while you could write in pencil and erase, we recommend that you use a marker to write in any medication regime to lessen any chance of confusion.

Free Sample - Do I pay for shipping?

Free samples are free all the way. Of course, they won't have your logo or contact information on them!

Can I order more than 1 design at a time?

Yes! You can order as many designs as you would like. Design your clock and put it in the cart and then 'continue shopping' and design the next one. You can even choose to have the different designs ship to different addresses.

Are the clocks available in different languages?

Yes, we can customize the drug name to any language. Contact us for more information.

Can I save my design for future orders?

Yes! During the checkout process you will have the option to create an account. Once you have your account, you will be able to go into 'order history' and choose a time period that includes your last orders. You will be able to select 'reorder' or 'edit' if you need to update/change info as physicians/phone number changes.

Do you make any clocks that are set at different intervals than every 3 hours?

We do not offer that as an option at this time. Please contact us and we will work with you to design what you need!

Do you have a 1 page document for me to give information to my leadership team? 

Even better than that, we'll happily send you a sample clock to show your team! Our customers tell us it is the best tracking device for explaining alternating medications to their patients.

How sturdy are the hands so they stay in place when jostled or bumped?  Is there a way to ensure they stay at the correct hours? 

The clock hands are attached with a grommet that allows the hands to turn. They are friction tuned so they both move easily and stay firmly in place. They don't move when jostled or bumped - they have to be turned by holding the hands and manually turning them to the desired time.